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Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

Immediate Capital for your financing needs.

If you need rapid access to unlimited debt free working capital, then we have a flexible, customized solution that will satisfy your unique needs.

Managing receivables is one of the greatest challenges facing the health care industry today. LDG Business Funding can help strengthen your bottom line by utilizing your accounts receivable to access debt free working capital.


Our goal is to assist healthcare and medical providers achieve financial success by providing the capital they need to attain growth and profitability while meeting all the challenges in today’s healthcare industry. Our program is more flexible, utilizes less collateral, is quicker, and more accessible than traditional financing sources. You no longer have to wait to get paid from the insurance companies because we advance you money as soon as you submit a claim to us. This allows you to access all the capital you need, any time you need it, as long as you have outstanding third party claims.

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Our financing program allows you to work with people who specialize in the medical industry. They know the challenges you face better than traditional financing sources. We strive to make your financing transaction rapid, smooth and seamless. Our funding will provide you the working capital you need as well as creating predictable consistent cash flow.

How it Works

We work with any healthcare or medical service that is owed money from a health insurance company. A medical receivable is a claim owed to a patient’s provider by a patient’s health insurance carrier. We advance funds to these providers based on these claims to help restore predictable cash flow back into their operation. This is considered off balance sheet financing and the provider will incur no debt. The use of the money is unrestricted and can be used to purchase equipment, refinance debt, acquire new practice sites, or whatever benefits their business.

We advance funds on insurance claims that include most commercial and private insurance companies, HMO, PPO, and Medicare and Medicaid. We do not normally fund self-pay, workers compensation or personal injury claims. Our funding program allows you to get paid immediately, within 48 hours of submission to the payor. This financing is debt free and so you have nothing to pay back.

Medical Accounts Receivable Financing is a proven and recognized alternative financing solution in the healthcare industry. LDG Business Funding works closely with a healthcare executive who heads the medical funding program. He has managed many healthcare providers and knows exactly the benefits that accounts receivable financing can provide.

Some of the Benefits

Process is simple and fast: Everything is electronic which makes the application and funding process smooth and efficient. Requires little or no effort on the part of your staff and we also provide periodic reports to you that will make your billing process more productive.

Is debt-free: Our program is not only debt-free, but it has no artificial debt limits and grows as your patient volume grows.

Improves Cash Flow: This will increase your purchasing capability to allow you to take discounts for rapid payment to your suppliers and give you the working capital you need to attract new staff providers and have cash to promote your services and stimulate growth.

Positive impact on your balance sheet: Accounts receivable funding is not a loan and therefore your current debt capacity remains untouched. In addition you are converting a non-liquid asset, accounts receivable, into a liquid asset, cash, and therefore boosting your liquidity.

Typical Clients

All types of hospitals, general and specialty
• Nursing Homes
• Physicians
• Chiropractors
• Osteopaths
• Oral Surgeons

Treatment centers such as
• Surgery Centers
• Dialysis Centers
• Urgent Care Centers
• Rehab Centers

Diagnostic centers such as:
• Medical Labs
• Imaging Centers

• Ambulances
• Home Health Care
• Pharmacies

When to use Medical Accounts Receivable Funding

Whenever you need cash! Once you open up an account needed cash is available to you as long as you have outstanding third party claims. This is the most rapid, simple, and easy working capital strategy available.

Why use us?

The process is simple and fast. Claims are generally funded within 24-48 hours of receipt. Once your account is established everything is electronic. A healthcare executive who has been where you are now manages this program. Not only does that make us sensitive to your needs, it allows us to empathize with your situation.

Give LDG Business Funding a call so you can get a more detailed explanation of how this program can work for you.