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LDG Business Funding

provides businesses with the financing they need to grow through an alternative financing technique utilizing the company’s accounts receivable. This method of financing, called factoring, is a safe and commonly used practice used by small and medium sized businesses to speed up cash flow. Factoring allows you to keep up with your business growth by providing you the working capital to fill new orders, buy equipment, hire personnel, pay bills, or to expand. Factoring offers the flexibility and speed to provide an immediate source of working capital that you can’t get from traditional financing sources.


LDG Business Funding works with any commercial industry that invoices to other commercial business or government entities. We work with companies throughout the United States and Canada that include wholesalers, manufacturers, staffing, and the service industries. Our financing also works great in the construction, trucking, and medical industries.

Many successful businesses find it difficult to access traditional bank financing. Banks have strict guidelines and rely exclusively on the borrowers strength and their overall credit. A factor primarily looks at the strength and creditworthiness of each company’s customers. LDG Business Funding can work with new companies without an established track record, or with poor credit history, or that have even gone through bankruptcy. It is used most often because factoring can provide the capital needed immediately to take advantage of opportunities while going through a growth phase.

Unlike bank financing, factoring is the purchase of your accounts receivable instead of a loan against them. Since it is not a loan, there is no debt to pay back. A traditional bank loan uses all of your company assets as collateral and typically requires personal guarantees. Factoring relies on the credit-worthiness of your customers, not your balance sheet or financial history. Also, factoring is directly related to your company’s sales. The more sales you make the more cash you can have immediately by selling your invoices.

A factoring arrangement is a customized agreement, which takes into account the specific needs of your company. Once your account is established, you get paid in 24-48 hours after submission of each invoice. Accounts receivable management, credit screening, and professional collection procedures are some of the value added services that factoring provides at no additional charge. Many companies initially factor because they need to solve an immediate cash flow problem and keep factoring because these services free up time allowing you to spend more energy on other areas of your business.

Some of the largest companies in the world have used factoring at one time or another to access the needed working capital so crucial to their business. It is a great way for any company that is in a growth phase to get cash quickly without incurring debt by taking out a loan

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